This is the page of the Electronic Auction of Winning Coffees of the IV NATIONAL TOURNAMENT QUALITY RATE PRESIDENTIAL COFFEE EVO MORALES 2018, which is the competition that rewards the most prestigious coffees produced in Bolivia within the framework of values of quality a transparency.

The electronic auction will begin on Friday, January 11th 2019 at 18:00 +4 GMT (Bolivian time) and will conclude on Tuesday, January 15th 2019 at 11:00 +4 GMT (Bolivian time), in offices of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Bolivia.

To know the rules of the Electronic Auction go to the tab of the Event and download the document Electronic Auction Regulation.

If you wish to buy high quality coffees of Bolivian origin, please register on the Registration Form link You will receive information about the event in a direct and personalized way.

The competition is rigorous, with quantitative and qualitative evaluations that are carried out during a selection process of three months; by both Bolivian and foreign coffee tasters. You can access the curricula of these judges on the International Jury Collectors Data tab.

The National Tournament assured the value of the winning coffee, each of the samples that entered the competition process were codified by Notary Public, and each member of the jury evaluated the coffees without knowing their specific origin. It certifies that the winning coffees are traceable and with the exact cup qualification quality.

We wish you good luck in the Electronic Auction of the Winning Coffees of the Evo Morales 2018 Tournament.